January 26, 2012: Added some of my homework from the Color Theory course to the MISC gallery. But a more thorough revision of graphics is in order...

September 29, 2011: Added favicon and reordered the items on the INFO page to have ABOUT go first

July 28, 2011: A major rework of the site:
  • Switched to a new version of SimpleViewer that allows viewing on non-Flash devices such as mobile phones. Yay!
  • General optimization of site architecture, with more PHP code reuse and less javascript
  • Larger navigation menu for mobile devices
Some work still remains, to wrinkle out the small quirks

January 8, 2011: New Year Cards added to the Projects page

November 22, 2007: All the photography galleries are now hosted on Flickr and viewed via FlickrViewer. The galleries themselves are now reshuffled and renamed "Faces", "People & Stories", "Birth & Childhood", "Abstracts & Macro", "Urban" and "More", the latter being the bigger one to hold most images appearing on Flickr

November 17-18, 2007:
  • Decided to use FlickrViewer for ETC gallery, which will allow me to keep it in sync with new images I upload to Flickr (will consider moving other galleries to use my Flickr photostream as well, to save time in updating them).
  • New LINKS page under construction
July 2, 2007: Added and removed some images from PORTRAITURE, ETC, BIRTH and ABSTRACTION

January 25, 2007: Some changes to the ABOUT page, e.g., added a picture.

January 20, 2007:
  • Updated PORTRAITURE gallery with Grandpa Marik and removed some others
  • Updated ETC gallery with this, this, this and this and removed some others
  • Added PROJECTS page to hold links to PAW 2006 and hopefully some other future projects
July 12, 2006: July 3, 2006: Another major revision of the layout and navigation. Added drop-down auto-hiding menus, changed the background of the galleries to black, created the INFO page, added a main menu link to PAW. Additional changes pending

June 21, 2006:
  • Added NEWS page which now includes the News update and this log
  • The layout is changed to take more screen space. The galleries are larger to accomodate requests for larger default image size
  • Added descriptive GIFs to the LINKS page
May 13, 2006: Updated GRAPHICS 2002 gallery with the portrait of Peter Hammill, which I forgot to include the first time around

May 12, 2006:
  • Made the captions to the images in the galleries serve as links to larger versions of the images
  • Added this log and a link to it in LINKS
May 11, 2006: This site is officially launched!