sky, noun
  1. The expanse of air over any given point on the earth; the upper atmosphere as seen from the earth's surface.
  2. The appearance of the upper atmosphere, especially with reference to weather.
  3. The celestial regions; the heavens.
  4. The highest level or degree.

redoubt, noun
  1. A small, often temporary defensive fortification.
  2. A reinforcing earthwork or breastwork within a permanent rampart.
  3. A protected place of refuge or defense.

I am a photographer and graphic artist based in the Bronx.
Katya and I are Romi's and Nika's parents.

I started getting "serious" about photography in 2005 when I bought my first digital SLR - Pentax *ist Ds. Most of the photographs on this site were taken with it and Pentax K-7 (to which I upgraded in 2010). But there are some taken with a point-and-shoot Canon and a Holga.

The creation of this site was abetted and made possible by my friend Holger.

A siter site focusing on my graphic work is peterdrubetskoy.com

Comments, questions, suggestions, bugs? Contact me here (peterskyredoubt.com) or here (skyredoubtgmail.com)